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Face value
Factor analysis
Factor model
Factor of Production
Factor portfolio
Factory overhead
Failure analysis
failure cost
Fair-and-equitable test
Fair game
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
Fair market price
Fair market value
Fair price
Fair price provision
Fair Value
Fallacy of Composition
Fallout risk
Family and Medical Leave Act
Farm Improvement and Marketing Cooperatives Loans Act
FASB No. 52
FASB No. 8
Feasible portfolio
feasible region
Feasible set of portfolios
feasible solution
Feasible target payout ratios
Federal agency securities
Federal credit agencies
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Employer Identification Number
Federal Financing Bank
Federal funds
Federal funds market
Federal funds rate
Federal Home Loan Banks
Federal Insurance Contributions Act of 1935 (FICA)
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
Federal Reserve Banks

Federal Reserve Board
Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve (the Fed)
Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)
Federally related institutions
FHA prepayment experience
Fiat Money
Fictitious Revenue
Field warehouse
FIFO (First In, First Out)
FIFO method (of process costing)
Figuring the tail
Fill or kill order
Finance Company
Financial accounting
Financial analysts
Financial assets
Financial Assistance
financial budget
Financial control
Financial Covenant
Financial Covenants
Financial distress
Financial distress costs
Financial engineering
Financial future
financial incentive
Financial intermediaries
financial intermediary
Financial Intermediation
Financial lease
Financial leverage
Financial leverage clientele
Financial leverage ratios
Financial market
financial markets
Financial Numbers Game
Financial objectives
Financial plan
Financial planning
Financial Position
Financial press
Financial ratio
financial reports and statements
Financial reports or statements
Financial risk
financial slack
Financial Trend Analysis
Financial year
financing activities
financing decision
Financing decisions
Financing Instruments
Finished goods inventory
Firm commitment underwriting
Firm's net value of debt
Firm-specific risk
First in, first-out costing method (FIFO)
First-in, first-out (FIFO)
First-In-First-Out (FIFO)
First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Inventory Method
First notice day
First-pass regression
First To Die Coverage
Fiscal agency agreement
Fiscal policy
Fiscal year
Fisher effect
Fisher rate
Fisher's separation theorem
Five Cs of credit
Fixed asset
Fixed asset turnover ratio
Fixed assets
Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
Fixed-charge coverage ratio
Fixed cost
Fixed costs
Fixed-dollar obligations
Fixed-dollar security
Fixed Exchange Rate
Fixed-exchange rate
Fixed Expenses
fixed expenses (costs)
Fixed-income equivalent
Fixed-income instruments
Fixed-income market
Fixed-income security
Fixed Interest Rate
Fixed-location storage
Fixed overhead
fixed overhead spending variance
fixed overhead volume variance
Fixed price basis
Fixed-price tender offer
Fixed Rate Loan
Fixed-rate loan
Fixed-rate payer
Flat benefit formula
Flat price (also clean price)
Flat price risk
Flat trades
Flattening of the yield curve
Flexible budget
Flexible Exchange Rate
flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
Flexible Spending Account
Flexible Term
Flight to quality
Flip-flop note
Floating Charge
Floating exchange rate
Floating Interest Rate
Floating lien
Floating-rate contract
Floating-rate note (FRN)
Floating-rate payer
Floating-rate preferred
floating-rate security
Floating supply
Floor broker
Floor planning
Floor stocks
Floor trader
Flow-through basis
Flow-through method
Flower bond
Fluctuation inventory
Force majeure risk
Forced conversion
Foreign banking market
Foreign bond
Foreign bond market
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
Foreign currency
Foreign currency option
Foreign currency translation
Foreign direct investment (FDI)
Foreign equity market
Foreign exchange
Foreign exchange controls
Foreign exchange dealer
Foreign Exchange Market
Foreign Exchange Reserves
Foreign exchange risk
Foreign exchange swap
Foreign market
Foreign market beta
Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)
Foreign tax credit
Form 1099
Form 4070
Form 668-W
Form 8027
Form 940
Form 940-EZ
Form I-9
Formalized Line of Credit
Formula basis
Forward buying
Forward contract
Forward cover
Forward delivery
Forward differential
Forward discount
Forward Exchange Market
Forward exchange rate
Forward Fed funds
Forward forward contract
Forward interest rate
Forward looking multiple
Forward market
Forward premium
Forward rate
Forward rate agreement (FRA)
forward rate of exchange
Forward sale
Forward trade
Fourth market
fractional interest discount
Fractional Reserve Banking
Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
free cash flow
Free cash flows
Free float
Free on board
Free-on-Board (FOB) Destination
Free-on-Board (FOB) Shipping Point
Free reserves
Free rider
Free Trade
Freight in
Freight out
Frequency distribution
Friction costs
Frictional Unemployment
Front End Fees
Front fee
Full cost
Full-Cost Method
full costing
Full coupon bond
Full Credit Period
Full Employment
Full-Employment Output
Full faith-and-credit obligations
Full-payout lease
Full price
Full-service lease
Fully diluted earnings per shares
Fully modified pass-throughs
functional classification
Fund family
Fundamental analysis
fundamental analysts
Fundamental beta
Fundamental descriptors
Funded debt
Funding Costs
Funding ratio
Funding risk
Funds From Operations (FFO)
Future investment opportunities
Future-Oriented Financial Information
Future value
Futures commission merchant
Futures contract
Futures contract multiple
Futures market
Futures option
Futures price







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